Greta H.

“Hello my name is Greta, I’m writing to share my story thus far with Miranda Hoffman, my fitness trainer, and to hopefully encourage anyone who is thinking of making some changes to their life and getting healthy!! I’ve tried soooo many different gimmicks…ie sprinkles, pills, videos, even purchased gym equipment! But the only thing I couldn’t seem to obtain was the motivation and know how to put it all together. Healthy living made simple is what Miranda is helping me to achieve with her knowledgeable advice, awesome apps, which include personalized meal plans and workouts! Love them! Within the first 6 weeks I lost almost a total of 9 inches and dropped 2 pant sizes! Its very motivating when you look in the mirror and see results! But honestly I could have lost more…I haven’t always stuck to the program. I’ve  had more cheat meals than I should have and skipped more workouts than I care to mention but I was still able to lose weight even with those small changes! I’m so glad I reached out and made the call…best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time.”

Harold H.

Harold at Day 1, 3 months, and 6 months…halfway there!  Great job, Harold!

Mark B.

“Thanks to you I lost almost 5” in my stomach, gained 15lbs of muscle, 5 lbs of bone mass, and dropped my body fat by almost 12 percent. I am now eating the right food on a proper schedule. I couldn’t have done it without your help….