Diet Software Analysis

All training programs include a diet analysis and meal plan, tailored to your body and lifestyle.  I will have you log the foods you eat each day and will help you slowly tailor what you are currently eating to fit a healthier lifestyle and your goals.  No one can change everything all at once and expect lasting results…or expect to continue for the rest of your life.  My goal is to work with the habits you already have, the foods you already like to eat, and clean it up a little, slowly moving you toward eating healthy and clean meals without changing your entire life…and making it a smooth and easy transition.

If you’re struggling mostly with your eating and don’t want a weight training plan right now, we can help you develop healthy eating habits with our diet software analysis. All meal plans created with our diet software are based on your goals, body composition, and lifestyle.  Get the jumpstart you need today!  Call, text, or email me now to get started!