Corporate Wellness

I work with local companies to help get their staff healthier and more active.  I provide fitness classes, such as bootcamps (body weight training), ab classes, Zumba® dance, yoga, etc. either in a conference room or larger room right in your building or within my training center if preferred, located in Centerville right off of the St Rt 48N exit.

Every 8 weeks, all participants of the class will have measurements and body composition testing completed to track their progress.  Individualized nutrition/meal plans designed from a nutritional database will be emailed at the start of classes and as needed thereafter.  Complete tracking of attendance will be completed at each class as well.  All of this is included in my corporate wellness packages, not as an additional expense to you.

Classes are set up by the company for the employees.  A set schedule of classes will be made and agreed upon and will last 12 months or more depending on the agreement and length of contract.  Companies typically schedule 3-6 classes per week, but vary from company to company.  We can discuss this during a meeting if you would like.

Class prices are dependent upon how many classes you schedule per week.  The more classes you provide, the larger the discount on each class!

There is no limit to how many employees can attend each class.  If some class times are more popular than others, we can always discuss moving a less attended class to another more convenient time at any time during the contract.

one-month trial of classes is available at regular cost if this is something of interest to you.  We want to make sure that this is a great fit for your company as much as I’m sure you do.  (Meal plans and measurements are not included in the one-month trial.)

If you think that adding a great wellness program with fitness professionals at your own facility would be a positive experience for you, your employees, and the growth of your company, please contact me to set up a meeting to discuss the different packages and possibilities that fit your needs.