LifeStyle Holistic Wellness Packages

The Simple Guide to Creating a Program that suits YOUR personal needs

Watch my short video (coming soon!) and choose a package that fits you, or opt for my Focus Fitness Holistic Health Assessment to find out which pillars you need to focus on -- based on your answers to my detailed, comprehensive questionnaire you will receive -- and I will personally guide you through the programs, assess where you need guidance, and prescribe a program that suits you (and your goals!) best.

    • Holistic Health Evaluation & Prescriptive Results Package

      Receive forms to assess holistic lifestyle level, complete Life Circle Assessment, Medical Form Completion, Body Composition and Measurements, and your personal Prescriptive Results Assessment Packet.        1 Session – $75 (remote or in-person)

    • Healthy Eating Education Package

      Education on how to eat properly for your goals and body type, learn the art of counting macros, and receive an eating plan made for you and your personal tastes, habits, and schedule.  You will send photos of everything you eat and drink through an app and receive feedback during sessions. Focus Fitness Certificate at Completion.        4 sessions (remote) $240

    • Fitness Education Package

      Receive a 4-week exercise program based on your goals, where you will be working out, available equipment, and level of current health.  Receive education on proper form and program layout. Focus Fitness Certificate at Completion.        4 sessions (remote) $240

    • Mind/Body Education Package

      Life Coaching Sessions include …  Be sure to have a pen and notebook handy during your calls to take notes on your action steps and noteworthy information before your next call. Focus Fitness Certificate at Completion.        4 Sessions (remote) $240

    • 4 Month Silver Package

      16 remote sessions + Evaluation + Fitness Education Program of choice

      $300/mo ($350 for in-person)

    • 4 Month Gold Package

      Same as Silver + add’l Education Program of choice

      $350/mo ($400 for in-person)

    • 4 Month Diamond Package

      Same as Gold + Meal Counseling & Tracking

      $400/mo ($450 for in-person)

    • 6 Month Total Transformation Package

      2 In-person sessions/wk (8 Sessions x 6 Months = 48 sessions) + Monthly Holistic Health Eval + All Ed Programs + Weekly Meal Counseling & Tracking        $550/mo

    • 6 Month Total Transformation Remote Only Package

      2 Remote Sessions/mo (2 sessions x 6 Months = 12 sessions) + Bi-Weekly Guidance Emails + All Ed Programs + Weekly Meal Counseling & Tracking        $400/mo

    • 12 Month 'Lifelong Changes' Package


      This package is for complete lifelong changes.  After your assessment, we will create a tailored 12 month plan together, based on your needs and your budget, to keep you on track to meet your goals and learn how to maintain them for life!

    • ž1 Month ‘Bootcamps’

      8 sessions (2/wk) + Evaluation, 1 Education Program, & Weekly Meal Counseling        $500


    • Specialty Packages

      Customize Your Own Package!

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      ›Mommy packages

      ›Couples Training

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