Focus Fitness Client Guidlines


Client Sessions:

All client sessions are 45-60 minutes in length.  Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your session time so as to not interrupt the private session in the time slot prior to yours.  Should you arrive early, please contact your trainer to assure that the current session is over and your trainer is available to start your session then.  If a session starts earlier than the scheduled time, your session time starts then and will still end 45-60 minutes after start time.  For example, if your session starts at 12:00pm and you arrive at 11:45am and your trainer is available to start your session, your appointment is then rescheduled to 11:45am-12:45pm.  Under no circumstance will your trainer be required to start early and go over your 60 minute maximum session block.  This is to protect the privacy of all parties as well as to restrict wasting anyone's time.  All clients are treated equally.

Respect & Client/Trainer Relationship:

Mutual respect is demanded at all times between trainer and client.  At no time will a client or trainer treat the other with disrespect.  Miranda Hoffmann and all Focus Fitness trainers hold Value and Respect at the highest standard possible.  The trainer/client relationship is just that; a trainer/client relationship.  We are here to help you reach your goals.  There will be no relationship beyond that.  Focus Fitness has a very strict policy against any behavior that is not respectful and will terminate any contract, without refund, if a client behaves in a disrespectful manner of any sort (i.e., verbal abuse, demeaning behavior, anger, trying to "hit on" your trainer, any sexual comments, etc).  The trainer holds the right to distinguish between respect and disrespect at all times.


All payments will be set up on an automatic payment schedule.  If you choose to bring in your payment each month, understand that your payment is due by the due date each month or a late fee of $35 will be added to your payment that month.  If you are behind in sessions, your payment will still continue on your regular schedule.  To make up sessions, you can schedule in more per month to catch up or you have 60 days past the end date on your contract to finish out your sessions.  You do not lose any sessions paid for unless you go beyond the additional 60 days OR your contract is cancelled due to the client's disorderly or disrespectful behavior that warranted the trainer to cancel all agreements between Focus Fitness, the trainer, and the client. Policies and guidelines for a client cancelling a contract are listed in your client/trainer agreement and include forfeiting all remaining sessions and paying 50% of the remaining total contract amount within the month of cancellation. Failure to make your regular payments for more than 45 days will result in your contract being turned over to a collections agency and all remaining sessions will be forfeited.  A $100 fee will be added to the amount owed before the delinquent amount is sent to the collections agency. Contracts can only be cancelled or frozen for up to 30 days if the client's reason for doing so is approved by the owner of Focus Fitness.

Any questions regarding these guidelines should be presented to the owner, Miranda Hoffmann.