The 6-month Transformation Program

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Below is some information about my 6-month Transformation Program.  Please contact me with any questions!



What is the 6-month coaching program?

This is a 6 month total transformation program that includes everything you need to accomplish your weight loss goals.

What does it include?images (6)

Weekly emails with your personalized meal plans based on your goals, a grocery lists, workout plans, videos, and a client portal for you to sign in and review all the information you need to succeed.  The online portal also includes life coaching videos and even meditations if needed.


Does it work?

Yes!  Here’s why…

When you decide you are ready to make a change, we will set up your first consultative call. During this call, you will let me know what you want to accomplish, where you are now, any struggles you’ve had trying to reach your goal, and any other information you need to share about your journey.  Then we will determine if this program IS RIGHT FOR YOU.  This is why it works!  If the program won’t work for you, I will let you know!  Why?  Because I want ALL of my clients to successfully lose weight.  I want you to be so happy with my program and your results that you tell everyone you know about it.  So I will be honest with you.  If it is a good fit, then I will set you up on a program that is designed for you and your goals.

Will I keep you motivated?  YES!  Will you use a special app I will provide to take photos of EVERY meal you eat so I can review them and keep you honest?  YES!  Will I make sure you succeed?  YES!

Trust me, I’ve got you.

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Why this program vs. all the other online programs out there?

There is so much information out there on weight loss that it is extremely confusing and frustrating to know what is going to work for you.  Most of the time you read one thing in one article, and then go to the next article from some other website that tells you the complete opposite…and both swear they are correct!  So what do you do?  Nothing.  It’s so overwhelming that most people give up.  What most don’t realize is that everyone gains weight differently and therefore needs a different approach to weight loss.  No two people are the same, and neither should your weight loss program be the same as the next guy.  This program is set up for YOU.  I have a basic program as the bones of my coaching, but I alter and add things with each individual client I sign up, so you get the results you need, the way you need them.  Need more emotional/life coaching to reach your goals?  We can add it in.  Need more help with sticking to your meal plan and away from unhealthy food?  I’ll take care of it.  We will assess all of this in the beginning and set you up the way you need it most.  Have a question?  Just let me know!  That’s what I’m here for.

You’ve got this.  Let me prove it to you.



Get on my calendar for your 10 minute Assessment for Transformation Coaching. Are you ready to finally make the change in your life and really get results?

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